Saturday, December 15, 2012

Welcome to Jesus Wore Cotton Co

Here at JWCC we're dedicated to selling Christ honoring apparel, skateboards, gifts, and merchandise.  

It can be difficult living as a Christian in today's world, constantly surrounded by worldly things and always being pressured by the world to put away our faith and never speak about it.  As Christians though we know there's a better way, and that we're to live for Christ, never being ashamed of Him.  

One great way to fulfill the great commission and spread the Word is to wear modest Christian clothing with scriptures on it, because it's a great conversation starter.  People will be curious to know what your shirt, skateboard, or other items mean, and you can use the opportunity to share Christ with them.

If you're interested, you can take a look at THIS awesome article on Christian Survival Skills In Today's World, and if you're not sure how to share the gospel with curious people, you can take a look at THIS article on the plan of Salvation.

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